András Gábor Virágh is in Oxford Encyklopedia

The OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA selected András Gábor Virágh in 2017 as one of the successful people in Hungary. Read more »

The Organ Sonata in the St. Albans organ competition

An excellent hungarian organist, Ágoston Tóka qualified for the finals of one of the most prestigious competitions of Europe (St Albans, UK, 21 July, 2017). Ágoson played pieces by Olivier Messiaen and Zoltán Kodály, and the Sonata for Organ of András Gábor Virágh (written at the age of 19) on the great organ of the St Albans cathedral. Read more »

Chamber piece TETRA is Published

András Gábor Virágh: Tetra for Alto Saxophone and Piano Tetra was composed by András Gábor Virágh in 2010 and dedicated to Seleljo Duo. Erzsébet and Irén Seleljo premierred the piece, they played it all around Hungary and in abroad as well and it has been on their repertoire ever since. “Virágh’s complex harmonic and rhythmic language is combined with some extended techniques on... Read more »

A Personal Sound for Eternity

Author: Tamás Pallós, Új Ember (New People) – weekly printed newspaper, 19 March, 2017 Translated by László Kiss András Gábor Virágh’s musical world is recognized by an Erkel Award Photo: Zoltán Sebestyén   A recitalist organist, an active church musician and a composer who builds his works on tradition and his great predecessors, while making efforts to try to find his... Read more »

Mr. Virágh honoured with the Ferenc Erkel composition award

András Gábor Virágh, Junior Prima Price awarded composer was exceptionally honoured with the annual Ferenc Erkel Composer Award by the Government of Hungary. Ferenc Erkel (1810-1893) was a Hungarian composer, conductor and pianist. He was the father of the Hungarian grand opera, written mainly on historical themes, which are still often performed in Hungary. He also composed the music of “Himnusz”,... Read more »

Triptyque on MATUZ 70

Matuz 70 – National Flutist Meeting The Faculty of Music of the University Of Debrecen organised the National Flutist Meeting in honour of the world class Flutist István Matuz on 28th January in 2017. Read more »