“… I think I speak for many others when I suggest that he should be invited again – we would all enrich our lives, if we get to know as many sides of this outstandingly talented musician and composer as possible.”

Balázs Szabó,

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…His piece, Tre Hymni was a beautiful mixture of tradition and invention; it can be characterised by clean modesty and parts composed with best taste. Just when we were amazed by the mature way of handling the piano, we were distracted by a beautiful vocal or cello melody, while a perfectly portioned flute melody formed a counter-piece…

Márk Aszódi,

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“… the sensitively composed piano movements are the diverse utterances of an independent composer without tinges of any reminiscence.”

Kristóf Csengery, Life and Literature

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“… and indeed, the world of music is familiar with him as an immaculately prepared composer who feels at home in a number of genres and has an excitingly unique style.”

Balázs Szabó,

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“… the artist played all these extremely complex compositions by heart without a single mistake or musical error, with highly colourful registration, and with a high level of focus embracing all details, while the style of the performance was elegantly cool and unbelievably self-confident.”

Balázs Szabó,

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